Purposes of the “Nuclear Law Association of Iran”contains:

A: General

1. Promoting public culture and knowledge in the field of nuclear law and thereby enhancing public acceptance of nuclear energy as a necessity;

2. Promoting the level of public awareness as to the internationally accepted principles of nuclear law and its relevance to constitution law, public law, international law, administrative law, environmental law, criminal law, human rights, civil law, social-economical rights  and citizenship rights;

3. Reviewing, evaluating, analyzing, and pursuing legal issues and cases with regard to safe, secure and peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and radiation sources through exchange of experiences, knowledge and information among members of association as well as cooperation with other bodies and organizations sharing similar objectives;

4. Promoting the level of specialized and professional knowledge and enhancing information and experience in the field of nuclear law nation-wide.

5. Offering advisory approaches and services to State legislative, policy making and decision making bodies in areas related to nuclear energy and nuclear law;

6. Cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations and entities involved in various fields of nuclear law and nuclear energy;

7. Identifying the existing problems in nuclear law context, and assisting state and public organizations and bodies, natural and legal persons, and public in general to solve them;

8. Training, informing, explaining and elucidating laws and regulations, criteria and standards developed by competent authorities for the public in general and practitioners in nuclear domain;

9. Conducting professional and specialized studies, assessments and analyses in legal and technical fields related to nuclear safety, nuclear security, nuclear safeguards, nuclear liability, nuclear emergency management, radiation safety, transport of nuclear and radioactive material, international nuclear cooperation, import and export of nuclear and radioactive material and the relevant equipment, mining and milling activities, transfer of nuclear technologies and patent, nuclear and radioactive waste management, especially at international level, the practices and experiences of other countries, and sharing and publishing the outcomes nationwide in order to promote public insights as well as applying the gained information to improve and upscale the decisions adopted by policy-making organs of the country;

10. Supporting, encouraging and acknowledging eminent activists, researchers and instructors engaged in nuclear law;


B: Approaches to Materialize the Purposes:

1. Conducting meetings, seminars and professional gatherings, general meetings, congregation, speeches, conferences, and setting up specialized workshops and consultative sessions;

2. Developing and publishing books, pamphlets, magazines and on-line material in line with subjects of the association activities independently or in collaboration with other organizations and entities or public governmental or non-governmental institutions;

3. Providing advisory services to legislative, policy-making and decision-making bodies in areas related to nuclear energy and nuclear law;

4. Encouraging, motivating, pursuing, cooperating and offering technical and legal assistance to organizations, institutions and authorities in certain areas as to design, develop, enhance and harmonization of laws, regulations, criteria and standards in accordance with internationally accepted principles of nuclear law and fit to Iran’s cultural, social and legal features and norms, in order to establish the required comprehensive and necessary legal framework for the safe, secure and peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and radioactive sources;

5. Encouraging, motivating, pursuing and cooperating with organizations, institutions and authorities by providing practical measures and advices, in order to establish the required and essential administrative, technical and executive means to ensure the safe, secure and peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, through offering organizational chart and administrative, technical and executive mechanisms consistent with Iran’s legal and administrative framework based on internationally accepted principles in this respect;

6. Cooperating with organizations, ministries, and governmental and non-governmental public bodies related to various fields of nuclear energy and nuclear law, through collaboration and offering approaches to remove existing problems and obstacles on the way of fulfilling their function, as well as commenting and offering appropriate solutions in the process of planning for governmental and public bodies;

7. Providing advice to natural and legal persons involved in or related to nuclear energy and radioactive sources in areas of nuclear law;

8. Other activities related to the purposes of this association.