In early 2016, due to advancements in nuclear technologies and expansion of utilizing nuclear energy and radiation sources in Iran, along with the need to establish legal and regulatory infrastructures and frameworks at national and international levels in this fields, and in the absence of any center to conduct professional activities in the area of nuclear law in Iran, the concept for establishing an association to promote nuclear law was formed among some experts and specialists and individuals having been involved in this field through past years. Subsequently, those people proceeded in mid 2016 to develop preliminary purposes and principles of such a non-governmental organization as “Nuclear Law Association of Iran ” serving as its founders, and those purposes and principles were submitted to the competent authorities through a formal request to obtain the required license. Pursuant to all legal proceedings, finally the statute of association was endorsed by all members of foundation board in “Founders General Assembly” on 2016.09.14, and in this session, members of the Board of Directors, Inspectors and the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) were appointed. The approved Statute and Note Verbal signed by the Foundation General Assembly was sent to the licensing authority. Afterwards, the supervisory board on Non-Governmental Organizations’ establishment and activities, endorsed issuing license for “Nuclear Law Association of Iran ” in 272nd session, and authorized formal proceedings to register legal entity of this association through a letter No.86304 dated 2016.09.29 to Non-commercial Institute Registry Administration of the Judiciary. This association was registered at Tehran Registry of Non-Commercial companies and Institutions on 2016.10.27 by Registry No. 40012 and National Identity of 14006275915, and the relevant establishment notification sent to the Formal Gazette and a widely circulated newspaper. Establishment notification was published in Iran’s Formal Gazette No.20872 on 2016.11.03, and after that the Activity License No.112760 was issued by the Ministry of Interior as licensing authority on 2016.11.20. The establishment notification was also published in a widely circulated newspaper on 2017.02.02.